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3D Printing

Is it possible to give life to a file? Sounds weird right? But there is a technology that can make this possible and it is nothing but the 3D printing technique. This technique is a process of making 3 dimensional objects from a digital file and this is done by using the additive processes. So 3D printing is also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM). This additive process uses different layers of thin material to create the object and the number of layers depends upon the size of the object. One amazing part of this process is that each layer can be seen obviously from outside and it looks as if it has been built manually.


Process of 3D printing

The very process of 3D printing begins with a virtual design for the object to be created. The person who intends to develop a 3D model for his file must first think of a design which can be developed with the help of Computer Aided Design (CAD) file. Once a model is created, it is sent to the scanner which makes a digital copy of the same. Now the next big step would be to print this; but before this the file has to be sliced into different layers which can be done with the help of software. Now this is sent into the 3D printer which reads the 2D model layer by layer and finally creates a 3D object.

Thin threads creating objects

Who actually is responsible for this minute and detailed production of objects from files? They are nothing but the thin and feeble 3d printer filament !!! that are responsible for this massive job. These filaments are thread like materials but stronger than the normal threads and are used in creating the various layers in the 3D printed object. Though there are many similar materials available in the market for this printing purpose, most people prefer to use these filaments for they are strong, come in different colors and create a better looking object. These filaments can be purchased from dealers in 3D printing materials or can also be ordered online from

The market is loaded with such products and it becomes difficult to buy from a reliable dealer. In such a situation the biggest question is ` who manufactures the best 3d printer? ` There are manufacturers in the market who have been leading this field for a very long time. 3D printing is of course a new technology but the demand for such printing has always been high and hence the number of people who took up this business was also more. The leading position for a manufacturer depends upon the materials used by him, quality of the printer and the object. Now with the improvement and advancement in technology, the olden day’s techniques have completely been overtaken by such advanced technologies and one such is this 3D printing. As of now the very popular GE is best known for such printers in the market. A product from GE is definite to be a superior one for they are in the technology and innovation market for many years and hence are known for their quality and reliability.