The Top Weapons (Gun) Manufacturers

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The weapons industry is becoming stronger and bigger each day. This is the trend observed all over the world. With the rising level in crimes, people are looking into buying the best weapons to safeguard themselves. Though there are lots of smaller manufacturers available in the business, there are stronger companies that have made intensive research in this field. Here we are going to present five main manufacturers in the top five position and they are the much talked-about manufacturers in town.


In the year 2014 alone, Glock has manufactured 794,000 guns. Glock is an Austrian company which makes one of the finest pistols in the world. The Glock 17, which was designed in early 1980’s became a hit and was popular for its ruggedness and reliability. Though it was initially banned for its lack of conventional safety mechanism and its polymer design, Glock still remains the favourite brand of Americans. Around two-thirds of police officers still use Glock for its user-friendly nature. Check this Glock 17 Gen4 Review in know more about its revolutionary feature and why it is still preferred by many people across the world. After the success of Glock 17, many other models like Glock 33, 18, 42 and 19 was introduced. Glock 19 is now chosen by many for its durability, easy maintenance and ruggedness.

Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer initially supplied weapons to the swiss army in the mid 1800’s. At a later point of time, around the 1970’s, they merged with a German company and opened an office in Virginia in 1985. It has been 160 years now and SIG SAUER, once a small wagon factory, has grown into one of the best Gun manufacturers in the world. In 2014, they have manufactured around 678,000 guns in US market. Their revenue for that year rose to $500 million. You’ll love the SIG Sauer Nitron 1911 and is one of the best guns manufactured by the company. The good part about it is the shooting and the grip. It is quite unmatchable.

Sturm, Ruger and Co

This company is certainly worth mentioning in the list of top gun manufacturers. With 1.64 million guns produced in the year 2014 in the US market, their global revenue was $551 million. This brand is also a dominant player in the sporting world. The rifles manufactured by this company is famous and is often appreciated for the quick, sharp and accurate nature. Ruger, as the company is often address as, has around 400 variations of 30 different products and many of these products are award winning. Such is the quality. Ruger GP100 is the most sought after revolvers for their flawless design. With the rugged frame and cushioned grip and the triple locking cylinder, it is one of the best choices for self-defence. Read the Ruger GP100 .357 Mag Revolver Review to know more about its strength and why it is the most sought-after revolver of all times.

You can buy these weapons online too but be careful to select a dealer who is genuine and true in providing the product.