Best of Gas grills


Great food with some good old friends brings in memories. How about having some hot grilled food with a glass of your favorite drink? Sounds great, doesn’t it? But getting grilled food is a little time consuming and doesn’t stay crisp and hot for long time Doesn’t mean that we need to forget about having them, but it’s time for us to think about owning options.

Grilling is so much fun. So when you have a grill at home, all for yourself, all you need is some quick recipes, ingredients and few people to make your day great. But buying a grill is not that easy. You can’t spend on something just like that.

You need to check the options available, research on them, look for their features and compare the prices. Huh!! Sounds like too much of work? No worries, we are here to let you know about the same.

The new kind of grill is the gas grill, which is pretty easy to use and cleanup. There are many brands which offer this grill. But before that, let’s also know that there are 2 types of gas grills available. Natural gas grillwhich makes use of natural gases, another gas grill which uses propane gas-which is most widely used today. Propane has more energy and offers great barbecue experience reviews of outdoor electric grills. Let’s see some major brands, which give you all the features in a single box.

Weber natural gas grills: No wonder, that weber is the pioneer in grilling equipment’s. They incorporate best technology and simply the set up process. Yes, even though it’s quite expensive, we say it gives all the features for the money it demands.

It’s a natural gas grill, not compatible with propane ones. There is an inbuilt thermometer which indicates the maximum temperature. It has coated cast iron grates unlike the steel ones.

So what’s the advantage of having this, here it is:

* It is easy to setup and simple cleaning procedure.

* It is designed to look and offer that traditional taste.


* Expensive

* Not compatible with propane.

Char broil classic 2 burner gas grill: this is a 2 burner grill. This setup grill seems a little complicated. Design is very streamlined and the wheels offered make mobility easier discount charcoal grills on Amazon. Though it looks like a small unit, it’s efficient for small group of people and is powerful. It’s a good economical buy.


* Worth your money

* Cleaning is easy

* Design is very smooth and glossy


* Too small for larger group of people

* It requires more of pre heat time

* Setup is complex.

Char Broiler-4-burner Gas grills: This is suitable to cater for a large crowd. It is compatible with both natural and propane gas. It is not bulky. It’s easy to set up and durable.

Drawbacks for this are:

* This is not strong enough, to be used in outdoors.

* Leakage issues are seen in this type.

Overall gas grills are efficient and easy to handle type of grills. They are not too messy to be cleaned up and give you the same flavor as in charcoal grill, just that you have to be little cautious while handling gas grills, to avoid any leakage or any other mishaps.